First week of college

I moved in on Saturday and it was so chaotic. My roommates had picked each other and had wanted a double, so I was going to be the random roommate that just ruined their plans. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get along with them. We didn’t talk much as we unpacked, since our parents were all in the room with us. I went out with my family to eat lunch and then they dropped me back at the dorms. My mom said goodbye and started crying. I made fun of her, trying to make her laugh, because I knew if she cried I would too. I really did want to, and I know that’s kinda stupid because home is only fifteen minutes away. The thing is I’ve never been alone. I always have my parents, or a friend who knows where we’re going or what we’re doing. That was the first time I would truly be alone. It was very scary, I had a mini panic attack as I headed back to my room.

My roommates were back in our room when I got there, so my panic attack ended, but I still felt like it was going to be awkward. I was going to be the third wheel, following them around because I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. We started doing small talk, and eventually they became a bit more comfortable and began acting weird. I think that when someone acts weird in front of you it’s because they like you, and are trying to be themselves around you.At first I was just following them around, but now it’s different. Even though it’s only been a week I feel we’ve already developed a friendship and will only strengthen it from here on.

My floor is the best. From the beginning there were people who were very social and friendly. I tried my hardest and was able to interact more with them. Now I feel like I can talk to most everyone on my floor.

I’m glad I lucked out with my roommates and my floor, and that I put myself in a position I would not have in high school. Trying new things in college makes a difference in how you experience it, and I’m glad to say that just within this short time period I’ve grown a lot.