First Week

So I moved into Chico last Monday on the 17th of August, because I’m in a program at Chico called TRIO (SSS). The program gave me Workshops, took me and a group students kayaking. Things like kayaking I’m not very used to because in Richmond or Bay Area we didn’t do unique activities like that or we couldn’t never afford it. Buy I’m really glad I’m getting a better view of Chico.
Chico has been quiet but also very loud too. Since Chico is much of a party school , a lot of the kids been partying before school start on Monday, I will party in the future but I want to get use to Chico, understand my priorities first. I hope I start to make closer friend and have somewhat of a social life.

I can’t wait till Monday. I start my first day of school as a Video Game Development and Animation major. I have 4 classes and a total of 14 units, one of my classes I’m getting 2 units for studying, isn’t that awesome!? Hopefully I join some clubs like Computer Game Club or CCLC, I kinda forgot what the CCLC club was or stand for, but I know it looked fun when I saw it. I want a chance to do more things and meet more people. I feel the more friends you have in school, the most likely chance it will help you in the future. I’m so nervous for Monday. I hope the workload isn’t too big. And I really don’t want loans either. College better not be this stressful. Well we won’t know until we try.