New School, Same Me

I am the type of person to overthink everything, but I still decided to go to a college that I had never stepped foot in and that is hours away from home. The first time I finally saw my college was during orientation. The atmosphere was different, yet a bit refreshing.

“Wow, it’s so hot here,” was my first thought that came to mind when I visited my school. As I looked around, I saw people getting together with their old high school cliques. My biggest fear at that moment was being able to make friends. The thought that I would be completely alone was making me regret my decision.

I was also nervous about being able to handle a new environment while also balancing school work and possibly a job. Whenever I felt like breaking down, I could always expect my parents to be behind me with open arms. Not only will I not have my family at my side, but I am now on my own.

Coyote First Step is a summer program where students can take Early Start Math and English before starting classes in the fall. Being part of this program and staying on campus for a month was a great way to adapt to college life before I actually start in the fall. My first week into this program was very difficult as I was trying to get used to doing things on my own and also making new friends. During my stay here, not only have I met people that live close to the school, I’ve met people from Northern California like me and others that came from San Diego. I realized then that they were probably in the same situation as me and that they came here feeling like outsiders. I felt relieved knowing that I wasn’t alone. Now that it’s my last week here, I will miss the friends I’ve made but I am also glad to return home to my family.

I am excited to make many more friends and start my classes in the fall. Although it’s strange for me to be excited about school, I am anxious to begin my career path. Even though I’ll miss my Northern California atmosphere, I am now happy to call this school my new home. One thing I can say that I’ve learned from my first college experience is that change is sometimes good and stepping out of your comfort zone can help you overcome your fears.