Proud Gator

After my first week attending SF State University, I can say that college is an amazing place! Throughout the five days that I have been a SF State Gator, I have a lot of people and have already learned a lot. The learning process in college is so much different than it was in high school. I feel that Now I am learning and going through material five times faster than I did in high school. Everyone on campus seems so social, focused, and nice. The people I have come to know on campus have all these characteristics as well. Although I live closer to school, commuting is the only thing I can say is pretty boring, however it is worth while since I know I am going somewhere I like to be. During the summer I visited SF State more than a couple times, and got the hang of navigating around in and around school. During this time I also discovered many resources that are available to me as a student. I am very confident about my four year journey so far now that I know how the environment is around me. Before school started I joined two support groups as well: EOP and Metro Academy. These two groups make sure I am on track to graduating and receiving my Bachelor’s Degree. As of now I am taking 14 units and trying to complete my General Education requirements. I am very anxious to complete these requirements so I can begin taking my Computer Science courses as the University. This is just my first week attending college and I already feel great due to all the support I have at school and from my family. I am the first of seven to go to college so I intend to achieve my set goals and make my family proud.