Starting college seemed to me very scary. Everyday I kept counting down how many days till the first day of class. Well actually, it wasn’t that bad. I was Slightly nervous because I feel like there would be more intelligent people than I. They all look like me, have the same goal, and we are in the same place so actually we are the same. Two days into college, turns out that now I feel like I’m on top in my english class… far! I have a Sign Lang. class and I am Loving it!!! Professor is an A’s fan! Amazing class to be in and love learning. I signed up for a Oceanography class, and is very interesting. Last class is Trig, that is the class I am really nervous about as I think it is my weak point. This whole experiences are helping me organize and plan everything. Helping me focus and make sure I do everything as it comes and not really procrastinate.