Pre College Jitters

When I made the decision to go to UCSB, I had doubts surrounding all around me from people who constantly told me that it was just a “party school” and that I should have chosen UC Davis. Before I submitted my SIR, I’m not going to lie, I also had some uncertainty but then I met students that actually go to UCSB; mind you that the people who have major doubts in UCSB are the people who just follow media and have little knowledge of my school. After talking to Alumni and incoming Freshmen like me, my decision became fairly easy. UCSB students LOVE their school and after my summer orientation I too LOVE my school. The environment is what I had hoped for ever since I could even think about college. The people are more friendly than any other university I visited and they’re not so competitive. So what if UCSB is a party school, it is also ranked in the top 30 public national universities in the country. Every school has their partying perks! UCSB just happens to be more open to the partying scenes than others which is okay; you can choose to join the party or you can just choose to stay at home. A UCSB student told me that the party doesn’t look for you unless you go looking for it.
I have not yet started my journey at UCSB but it is approaching much faster than I had prepared for. Leaving to live on my own is both very exciting and very nerve wrecking. I’m mostly worried about being a little far away from home but with the support of my family and friends, it makes moving away a little refreshing. I’m excited to live with two roommates who I hope will be life long friends and I’m excited to meet new people every single day. The thought of college always gave me anxiety but I know that just as long as I know what my priorities are and I learn how to manage my time, everything will be just fine. I also constantly remind myself that this 35k+ education is to absolutely not go to waste! College is like life, it’s hard but it is also rewarding in every aspect. I would like to wish good luck to all the incoming Freshmen and may you find your way to bigger and better things because with all the obstacles that are coming, I know you can overcome them all!