College Experience

Cal State Dominguez Hills has been a wonderful experience for me so far. Everyone here is very sociable and they get along with each other. Since being here at Cal State Dominguez Hills I got the opportunity to make new friends and connections. One of my favorite thing my school is the dorms. I love the dorms because we have a lot of fun once everyone is done with their class. I also feel at home when I am at the dorms that’s why I haven’t really been home sick because I feel at home here . It’s also a great environment around our dorms. Another thing I like about my school is the campus. The reason why I like the campus is because it’s not far from my dorms, it’s not to big, and it looks nice at night time. I also like my classroom sizes because they are not that big. The professors are also really nice and helpful. I am close to all my professor because I attend office hours. That’s one thing that I like about my school is that the professor is there for you. Moving to So-Cal has been a whole new experience because I am not familiar with anything out here. So everywhere I go It’s always something new unless It’s HOLLYWOOD because everyone knows about hollywood. The Last thing I like about my school is that it is located in the middle of everything. Meaning that I am not to far from everything. So far it’s been a great experience here at Cal State Dominguez Hills. So far I am loving the college experience and enjoying this new atmosphere . I look forward to telling you guys about some more of my college experience.