The Beginning

I was scared to start college, even if it’s community college it is college, and I was decided to do my best! I was scared to fail. I registered for 16 units, I had so many questions. Was I going to be able to handle it? Was I going to like my classes? Should I stop working and just be in school? What was expected of me? It is half way through the semester and I feel great! Some classes are really challenging and others are lighter so they balance out overall. I big surprise to me was that i liked some classes that I thought were going to be the worst. I like my classes, some more than others but I have learned to keep a good attitude.There is always chance to learn new things. I fell like a more responsible person because I am handling work and school and plus my social life. I got a promotion in work and I am now working as a bookkeeper in guest services. At first it was very challenging, I was breaking down but deep inside I knew I wanted to try harder to be able to stretch my time. I am hungry for education and knowledge. I am more and more motivated to transfer to a four year in the following years. Things have been getting harder, a bigger load of work that requires more and more study time but I enjoy learning and studying. I feel like a better person, I wake up tired but never tired enough to give up. Community college has been one of the best things that have happened to me, it was my first adult decision and a very smart one! Thank you so much Ed Fund for helping me through this! Thank you for believing in me.