Transition to College

Hi everyone!

College was actually a pretty simple transition for me to walk into considering my four years at Middle College/CCC. I am thankful that I didn’t have to adapt to a whole new environment like most transfer students, but then again, I have been at CCC since 2011. I was expecting some sort of change this year, haha. However, I am saving money so no complaining there of course! It makes it easier to know where I am going and already have friends and teachers who are there by my side as well.
Over the course of the summer, I did some pre-studying for my current anatomy class and it really helped me to be on the same page with my teacher and understand when she introduced specific parts of the body. So I basically prevented myself from falling behind in confusion. I am also taking music classes and on my own time, I looked into some songs to familiarize myself.
For my first college experience (this year), my first class started on a Saturday which was a choice I made because I chose my classes, but to actually be at school on the weekend for a few hours really caught me off guard if that makes any sense. It’s nice once I got used to it because I can admit that I usually would have slept in on these days. Instead, I am being proactive and going after my educational goals.
My study habits definitely changed and forced me grow too. I am constantly thinking through my week and considering my study times carefully, turning down friends who want to hang out (otherwise known as distract me), and being effective with learning my given material.
All in all, my college life hasn’t been what I imagined it to be, but it has greatly shaped me and is increasing my wisdom every day. I owe it to the EdFund for aiding me on my journey to success! 🙂

~Matt C.