Accepting My Decision

Attending Contra Costa College wasn’t easy for me. There was a lot of reasons why I didn’t want to go to a community college. I didn’t want to attend CCC because of other people negative opinions, stereotypes of CC and for some reason I felt that it was going to be like High School. I made my choice to attend CCC and it has been the best decision in my life by far. It was my first day at the campus, the counselor was very nice and it was really easy to register for the fall semester. Currently I’m registered in 16 units, a lot of people told me I was out of my mind. I really believed that CCC class load/ homework was going to be easier but it’s actually very challenging. I was a little bit over my mind but a challenge hasn’t stopped me yet and it won’t. Right now I’m realizing what I’m really made out of; the skills I have learned are put to use and I’m growing as a student. It’s only the beginning but I feel that I have learned so much in so little time.

At the beginning of the semester I did have a lot in my mind, “Am I going to be able to do this? Should I just drop a class? Why did I come here?” I had so much anxiety about my decision of attending a two year, matter in fact just college in general. I got over it and sucked it up, so far I have really enjoyed CCC and it’s a very diverse and an interesting campus. My professors are really helpful and make class very enjoyable. There is so many resources on campus it’s awesome. Currently I do work part time at San Pablo Community Center, to me work is an outlet I’m able to distract myself and I enjoy it a lot. Work has definitely help me balance myself and not make me feel super overwhelmed, I call it a positive distraction.

As of today, the only thing I regret is letting people get into my mind about my plans for the future. I really want to break the stereotype of CC and it’s nothing like High School! I do not regret my decision of attending a two year at all. I have accepted my plan and looking forward to pursue higher education and eventually transferring to a four year. The major thing I have learned is to not be afraid to do my own thing, trust my gut and keeping an openly positive mind is SUPER important. I’m looking forward to finishing my first semester strong and continue to grow at Contra Costa College.

Thank you Ed Fund for your support!