Halfway There!

Ever since I’ve moved into my dorm, it finally sunk in that I’m officially in college. I’m no longer that high school/community college student. It is one singular thing now. I’m a student attending the University of California, Merced, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.

Adjusting here came quicker than I realized. Maybe it was my attitude change. A new school, new town, new faces; I kind of gave up my attitude of caring. To say carefree… wouldn’t be it. There’s a lot of freedom here, something I’m not quite used to. I’m still a bit homesick even though I’ve been going home just about every week. However I’m working at my own pace to make friends here! Slowly, but surely. 🙂

Being here opens a new world for me. I don’t have a curfew over my head, I’m free to attend any social events and build who I am even further. This summer was the first summer I’ve had that wasn’t academic related. And ever since I entered the UC system, it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated because of how well my academic background prepared me. Those four years honestly paid off and I feel like I’m on top. I’m currently taking 14 units and I like it so far. The workload is a bit heftier, but it keeps me occupied. Most students here struggle with balancing and managing their time, however, for me it’s been a piece of cake.

Although I am roughly half way finished with the first semester, this whole experience is honestly just the beginning. It’s going to get better from here. I feel as though I made the right choice attending here. The class sizes are small, the campus is nice, there aren’t too many buildings and the lecturers and TA’s are friendly. The air is clean and the stars are visible- no light pollution here! I’m not too far away from home and I’m absorbed with all that goes on that makes me proud to be here. I finally receive the privilege to pick my own classes, make my own schedule, seek new learning techniques for myself and appreciate how fortunate I am to be living on campus.

It’s slowly proceeding to feel like my second home in this new profound independent atmosphere.