First Quarter

These first few weeks at Cal Poly Pomona have been fun, enlightening, and hard. I am currently taking general education classes and classes that have to do with my major, which is Urban and Regional Planning. It is so exciting and refreshing to take classes that are teaching me about the career I hope to go into one day soon. I have found that in some classes you have to put a lot of effort into studying and teaching yourself the material so that you can succeed in the class. To learn the material, I knew I had to attend my professor’s office hours. When I found out that as a student I had to make the first move and seek help from the professor during their office hours, I was so nervous. I was scared they would turn me away or they would think that I was not smart because I did not understand. In contrast, my professor was actually easy to talk to, he even stayed longer than his scheduled time to explain the material to me. I now find myself going to all of my professors’ office hours to get feedback on an assignment or just to gain some clarity on what we may have talked about in class. I have found that some professors take the time to really teach the material to the student, as well as reveal practical skills, resources on campus, and simply share tips on how to be a successful college student.

Cal Poly Pomona has so much to offer students academically and socially. This school has a club for almost every interest a student may have. I have already joined the American Planning Student Association which is connected to my major, Shades of Queen is a club dedicated to the uplift and empowerment of women of color, and Black Student Union is based upon Black excellence academically, socially and mentally. These clubs have enabled me to meet so many amazing people that are ready to succeed and are willing to help others do the same.
College is helping me grow as an individual, as well as teaching me how to be independent.