First “Real” College Experience after STEP

My first “real” university experience was the first day after Welcome Week, a week that everyone has to just welcome in the new freshmen. I went to go see my professor for a homework assignment that he gave us, which was to turn in a survey that he handed to us by coming to his office hours. Now, at this point I can honestly say the academically I felt somewhat prepared, however socially I felt I had no preparation for college life. I went with a friend who had already turned in her survey and I walked up to his desk and handed him the paper. Then, we just made eye contact and kept it for about 30 seconds before he asked “Do you have any questions?” I stood with a blank face and simply said “No” and walked out. I was able to go back and clear things up when I worked up enough courage to do so. This was a great college experience, helped me actually start talking to my professors, and is also a good story I get to tell my friends and people who just have questions about talking to their professors alike.
I say that this was my first “real” college experience because over the summer, before the fall quarter started, I attended the STEP (Special Transitional Enrichment Program) at UC Davis, which gave me preparation for the fall quarter. I was able to take classes, math, English and a University Expectations Class, this really prepared me for the workload that I would have in an average quarter. All the classes also helped me remember things that I had forgotten during the summer before I went to STEP. I also had a chance to go to workshops and seminars, in which learned about the many programs that UC Davis offer to its students. I think it has really helped me now that I’m in the 5th week of the fall quarter. I look back and realized that everything, including information and programs that I thought I would never use while at Davis, that I learned at STEP has greatly impacted my experience at college in a positive way.