“Put in the extra hard work”

My major is Video Game Animation and Development, so I mostly learn concept art in the video game aspect. I always used to draw anime and other art in high school all the time. I was actually pretty good. But in my Video Game Development class, I always have a hard time connecting traditional drawing ( real life sketching ) to digital drawing. So everyday I stay in the class for 2-6 extra hours a day whenever I have the class again. Why? Because I realized this type of work is something I want to do for the rest of my life, so if I want to try to be the best or actually get the job I truly want, I have to work hard at it and give it 120%. So on my free time I watch tutorials on digital drawing looking for ways to improve my drawing to be more appealing. To be honest, it’s easy and hard. It’s easy to put in the time because I enjoy doing it and time fly past by so fast, but it’s hard because you have to realize that there people better than you. So the best advice I can give you about any thing your passionate about is, to not worry about anyone skills or work, worry about your own work, use other artist and people work to improve yours, but don’t doubt yourself or underestimate your skills to get things done. So “try your best, think your best, be your best”.