Unexpectedly Meeting Friends

After moving into the dorms and realizing that I didn’t know anyone on campus, it was scary at first. I am usually a very outgoing person, but for some reason I felt shy. After a couple of ice breakers during Weekend of Welcome ( WOW), I started to open up and get back to my regular self. After a few day of actives and social events on campus, I started to wonder who my new group of friends would be on campus. I had met people through my WOW group, but I honestly did not connect with anyone and started to feel like I did not fit in on campus.

So, I started to think about what my friends and family told me before I left for school. “Nanette trust me you will that you find your close college friends during the most unexpected times. At first I didn’t believe them until I met my friend Nicole in the dining hall while trying to make my way to the exit. That afternoon the dining hall was packed with freshmen trying to find their WOW groups to eat with. Due to the big crowds I found myself waiting in line just to exit dining hall. While waiting, I started making small talk with people around me and met Nicole. After discussing how nervous and excited, we were to meet new people. We exchanged information and decided to hang out later.

Later on that day I ended up knocking on Nicole’s door and I met her and her roommate,Nina. We ended up taking a hike to the cross at my school with a few other people. As time went on the three of us have become close friends.

Now looking back on it, I finally understand what people mean by college forces you to get out of your comfort zone. In just the first few months, I have come in contact with people who come from different walks of life, that have challenged my views on life for the better. I feel like I would not have gotten this opportunity anywhere else, but college.