Everything that I have been working for in high school has truly paid off. I survived my first full year of college. All the challenges that came along with it was of course stressful. However, it was all worth it. I learned so much about myself and the goals that I am reaching for. I finalized my major (nursing), as well as the goals that I have decided t reach for after years of gained experience, which is to continue on with road to my education. I have made the decision to go to school to become a Physician Assistant. Something that is along the line of being a doctor, but not really. Other things that I have learned are my habits, such as studying and prioritizing my time. I challenged myself taking more units that the average units needed to be considered a full-time student. Of course this entailed countless hours of studying and sometimes crying. But, I loved every moment of it and every tear, because now I can name all 12 cranial nerves, along with their function and location. Shoutout to a year of struggle and the growing that I have done!