Thank you for a great year

My second year in college has come to an end I am grateful that I had the Ed Fund Scholarship to provide me its support in funds I needed. It wouldn’t have been possible if the Ron Whittier Education Foundation did not fund the scholarship. I have meet Ron multiple times in events, classrooms, and graduation. I remember giving a speech in class about the ITA academy in school to the funders of the academy and seen Mr. Whittier. I was the representative of the academy at the time and remembered speaking with him after my speech and him being impressed, but was cut short by my fellow students eager to speak with him as well. The other time I spoke with him, I was with the winners of the scholarship. We were trying to convince some people to support EdFund and get to know us. I thank Whittier at that time for all he does to fund kids organizations and academies. Thinking back to my ITA graduation a lady thank Ron Whitter for all he does and spoke highly of him that, when he got to speak his first words were, “I didn’t tell her to say that and I am not that great.” Everyone laughed, but all thought he was a good man for investing in the future of their kids. Someday I would like to thank him and tell him that he is a good man that has inspired a young man like myself to do better and be better. The skills I learn in college are one’s I will apply as I have two more years in college and plan to go to grad school. Those that know my struggles will understand that I have fallen to the lowest point in my life and did not think I would be where I am today. The scholars who received the scholarships were seen as leaders and I did not know that until I asked one of the workers what did they see in each scholar. As I come to the end of this blog I only hope that this scholarship will be around for many years to come so that it will never fade away and those it funded to fund those next in line. This year will be my last time being apart of the Edfund family and I only have gratitude for those that have believed in me and watched me grown for these two years. Thank you for reading and hope the best for you.