College Life

College life for me was something really unexpected, i am the first in my family to actually attend college so there were a few things i was behind on already. The first thing that is immediately different is that no one forces you to do your homework or go to class, coming from high school this is a major change since everyone in high school is pushing you to do both of these things. It was odd to me to see kids get up in the middle of a lecture and just walk off and not come back or for them to show up 20 minutes late to class. That leads to the other major difference which is that the professors don’t really care about what you do, Most professors don’t even notice when a student has left their class they just give their lesson and leave. I think do to these 2 things college can be hard especially if you didn’t have freedom when you were in high school it might get to your head and before you know it you missed too many classes and you’re failing. Luckily for me i’ve been keeping up with things. the only troubles ive had is filling up so much paper work from trying to obtain my parents taxes to registering for classes and having to set up appointments with teachers and counselors, it just feels weird knowing that all the responsibility is on me. Other than that the first few months of college have been pretty boring, that’s the thing about attending a community college all the classes are great and its cheaper but there’s not much to do everyone just gets their classes done then goes home. I guess that’s because were only there for a temporary amount of time but still it feels completely different from what it used to back in high school, however with time i think it’ll feel normal.

College Life in Berkeley

My first few months’ part of the long journey I will have of my college life was unimaginably easy actually. I didn’t think it was going to be anything like that, I was very lucky though. I know it will get harder for my next semester because I took the easy way out for my first semester. I chose easy classes and I recommend that it’s better to take at least one difficult one first. Yeah it was easy and I had a lot of fun actually because I go to Berkeley and the environment is wonderful but all my spring classes are hard. I unfortunately didn’t really bond with my campus which as I think the down fall of going to the college I went to since it is a community college and the building is very small. I loved that it is nothing like high school though! It is so much better, you have more liberty but have to manage your time very well because I still battle with that. College is something everyone has to go to, for education, social bonding and personal growth reasons I believe. I hope and want to be more involved in school for next semester, for example in clubs or volunteering.

If I could speak to myself again in August of 2011 I would tell myself that time will be very scare now that your life is going to change and you have to learn how to manage it and balance everything in your life. Also that to not give up your dreams, my hope one day is to live in campus when I transfer since right now I am still at home. I would love and really want to experience that because it really helps you to grow up and just be away for a little. I can’t stress enough how happy I am to have graduated high school, yeah it was easy but we all have to mature at some point. You will feel really special when you get to take to your laptop and even use it in a class, different experience worth going through.

– Janeth, Berkeley City College ’13

To Berkeley City College and Beyond

I am Janeth, a Latina who lives in San Pablo, CA. but am from Mexico. I attended Richmond High School but now I am attending Berkeley City College. For now I am not sure of what I plan to study but I am currently working on trying to get my requirements done so I can transfer to another school as soon as possible. I would like to transfer to either UC Berkley or UC Santa Cruz when I am ready to do so. I wish I could have gone as a freshman and be there now but I couldn’t afford it. High cost of education is a big obstacle for many and it was for me even though I applied and got into most of the schools. I had to settle for other options, having to stay at home and commute to school is not easy but what I had to do.

Community college is not bad after all so that’s a great way to go as well and much cheaper! I never expected college lifestyle to be like this though; it is completely different than high school. Now you have to pay for books, classes and fees. I can’t tell what some of the fees are for or why they’re charging me them.

It does have its brighter side though, your weekly schedule is not the same because you don’t have much school but the rest of the time you usually use it for the all the homework they give you. I can’t really say I prepared but I did make sure to get my classes on time and that is what I expect to do again for the following semester. I would never want to go back to high school now, college is much better I believe. So get ready because it does change your life but also make good decisions because now you’re on your own.

– Janeth, Berkeley City College ’13