First Week

So I moved into Chico last Monday on the 17th of August, because I’m in a program at Chico called TRIO (SSS). The program gave me Workshops, took me and a group students kayaking. Things like kayaking I’m not very used to because in Richmond or Bay Area we didn’t do unique activities like that or we couldn’t never afford it. Buy I’m really glad I’m getting a better view of Chico.
Chico has been quiet but also very loud too. Since Chico is much of a party school , a lot of the kids been partying before school start on Monday, I will party in the future but I want to get use to Chico, understand my priorities first. I hope I start to make closer friend and have somewhat of a social life.

I can’t wait till Monday. I start my first day of school as a Video Game Development and Animation major. I have 4 classes and a total of 14 units, one of my classes I’m getting 2 units for studying, isn’t that awesome!? Hopefully I join some clubs like Computer Game Club or CCLC, I kinda forgot what the CCLC club was or stand for, but I know it looked fun when I saw it. I want a chance to do more things and meet more people. I feel the more friends you have in school, the most likely chance it will help you in the future. I’m so nervous for Monday. I hope the workload isn’t too big. And I really don’t want loans either. College better not be this stressful. Well we won’t know until we try.

Almost done

It’s mid-April and my first year of college is almost over. I can’t believe what amazing first year I had and how fast it passed by. I’m totally used to being in college now. The transition was good for me but I had some trouble adjusting at first. The first couple of weeks in August and September were challenging because of the culture shock. I was suddenly surrounded by thousands of Caucasian students as well as community members. It was difficult to get used to being in that situation. I was used to a very diverse community coming from the Bay Area and now suddenly my surroundings changed. Now I’m completely adjusted to college and I’m going to miss it this summer.
I am going to enjoy my summer spending it with my family and friends but I will certainly miss college. I learned how to be independent and do everything without help. I just recently got a lease for my apartment in August and it’s so exciting! I will be living outside campus with my close friends. I feel like I’m ready for the more new and exciting things to come my way. I couldn’t be happier to have chosen a college away from home. It has totally made me more aware of what real life is.
Not living with my parents have made me much more responsible. I am now in charge of my own schedule, meals and responsibilities. This will totally help me in the long run and will be prepared for living by myself once I graduate and get a job. I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s actually tough work. But at the end of the day it’s worth it and gives you great feeling that you did it yourself. I recommend going to a college far away from home. It has been the best decision in my life yet. It will be scary but exciting and full of new adventures awaiting.

Loving College

I absolutely loved my first semester of college. I meet many new people and got involved in new activities. I actually never got home sick, which is a great thing. I enjoy living alone and cooking for myself. I eat so much healthier now! Another thing I enjoyed was able to manage my time. I love making schedules, notes, and planning ahead. And if you don’t believe me look at my yearbook, I was voted most organized. Which was little weird because I guess people noticed. But back to college, I enjoy managing my time although it can be tricky sometimes. I always remember to make a tittle time for myself or I’ll definitely regret it later. I learned a lot from first semester that will make my second semester less stressful. My class schedule is so much better this semester. I look forward improving and continuing enjoying my college experience.

College so far

Nothing specifically has surprised me from my college experience so far. The atmosphere is just how I expected it to be. Everybody actually cares about their education. I love going to the library to study, as well as participate in study groups. I found myself going to all of my math teacher’s office hours just to get that extra help. Tutoring is a great way to help you stay on track. There is a lot of helpful tutors that can assist you in every subject. Also there are many programs you can join. A surprising thing can be diversity but I knew this before I attended my school. More than 50% of the student body is considered white. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I learned to deal with it. I think I adjusted really fast compared to other students. I’ve learned a few things about myself during this time. I mostly knew them already but my experience in college has affirmed them. By participating in CAVE (community action volunteer education) I knew that my passion was helping kids. I’ve been wanting to be a social worker for kids for quite a while know, but actually working with them made me affirm that. I volunteer as a teacher aid for a kindergarten class. It has been a great experience so far and I wish to continue volunteering for the rest of my college years. I have also learned that I’m really good with managing my time and that has really helped a lot. On another note I’m also more relaxed and productive when I’m in my dorm vs. being back home. I can get more things done spending a weekend away than at home. So now I know not to visit my family if I have tests coming up or lots of homework due. Overall I have a busy schedule and I’m a little bit stressed, but I’m doing fine and I love college.

College Ready!

This summer I took classes at my local community college to prepare myself for college. It’s good to have fun and all but a lot of the things one learns in school can be forgotten. I decided it was the best if I took a couple of courses and continue learning. I took a math and English course. Math is a challenge for me so it helped me a lot to practice and acquire new skills. The English course was my favorite! It’s a beautiful class that made my reading and writing skills grow. I enjoyed writing all the essays because they had many interesting topics. Aside from taking classes I have been taking to a couple of my former teachers about college. They’ve given me tips and guided me to make a few important choices. Thanks to one of my favorite teachers that attended the college I’m going to this fall, I know many great things about the college, city, and great recreational as well as community service opportunities. I’m extremely excited about starting school and focusing 100% on school and having an opportunity to find my true self. For the first time in my life, other matters won’t intervene on my school work. I’m also excited about joining a new community and being able to interact with a whole new group of people. I can’t wait to be able to take up a new chapter in my life and with this explore the world with a new perspective. Before my first day I’d like to have my room organized and all unpacked. This will be a difficult task since I’m arriving the day before classes start, but I’m determined to get it done. Also before my first day of college I would like to have meet and remember my roommates names. I have my own room but I will be sharing an apartment. It’ll be great to start by learning all their names since I’m bad with names. Well I’m excited to start college and can’t wait to move in soon!

The Meaning of a Higher Education

I was usually the kid to know all the answers in class and the kid who had no shame in raising his hand to give the answer. That changed, drastically. The classes here were harder to keep up with, the academic rigor from Kennedy high school and Chico State were not at all the same. I felt really intimidated by my classmates here, to say that their vocabulary was intense would be an understatement, when they spoke their sentences were articulate, full of deep diction and complexity. My classmates had been raised in very privileged neighborhoods, where they got a better and deeper education. Once I finished assimilating this, I finally realized the drastic disadvantage of getting my education in an area like Richmond.

The intimidation didn’t last very long, about 2 weeks at most. I started working into bettering myself academically and mentally. After about a month in school the complex diction came to me naturally. I started working myself up to the same academic level of my peers. Now, I can confidently say that I am at that same level and working towards excelling and surpassing them. I am getting higher grades on my papers and assignments than most of my “privileged” classmates. However, it hasn’t been a walk in the park, the task took very hard work; I dedicate about 3-8 hours in the library every day, including weekends now. I’m taking 18 units; I honestly feel like I committed social and academic suicide, I’m struggling really hard to stay on top of all my classes. However, I plan on getting a 4.0 this semester, or making it to dean’s list at the very least.

I have started getting really involved on campus; I am tutoring elementary school kids through a program called CAVE (Community Action Volunteers in Education). Also I am now a member of a student success center called CSSC (Chico student Success Center). In addition, starting this spring I will now officially be part of the CSU Chico, Honors program. Lastly and most importantly, I am starting Chico States’ very first AB-540/DREAMer club, the staff of the university is being very kind by providing me with all the resources I need to get it started, I am mobilizing students all around the campus to get this going. Overall, I’m meeting very important people here on campus, who now recognize me by both face and name.

In all, College is truly what I expected it to be.  I’m doing great! Life in Chico is amazing! The environment here is very different than that of Richmond. I am learning a lot; I’m getting the deeper insight into life as I hoped for. I am having a blast would be an understatement. I am finally fulfilling my dreams of being in college. I wake up every morning excited and happy to go to class. I am very excited to share my experiences with everyone. For those high school kids reading this, nothing is impossible, with hard work and determination anything is possible. Look at me, I’m an AB-540 student, I didn’t have the best grades, I had no financial means to come to college, and yet here I am. I’d like to thank the Ed-fund for making it possible for me to be here!  I’d also like to stress this a lot; college is not so much about having a financially stable life, it’s about getting a deeper insight into the world, to grasp a deeper understanding of yourself and your culture. Lastly, it is to represent yourself, community and families in a positive manner. It’s truly an honor to be here.

-Dilan, Chico State ’16