An Amazing Year

It has been an amazing year filled with late nights, good grades, and funny memories out with friends. I don’t think I can imagine my freshman year any different. College was, at the same time, what I expected and not what I expected. In the beginning, it didn’t really sink in that I was at this esteemed university. But as midterms and then finals came creeping up, I knew then that this was not like those days in high school, where I can get by just looking over my notes, and I’d be good to go. I had to form study groups, study late into the nights, create flash cards, and so many other skills I had not had to do before. But midterms and finals weren’t as daunting any more, when later in the year I discovered a major that highly piqued my interest. It was perfect – Human Biology and Society. It was a mixture of life science and social science, and had a Public Health related focus, a field I’m slowly gravitating towards. In the beginning I was unsure of what I really wanted to do. I wanted to go to college, but then what? All these questions were zooming through my mind – what would I study, where, what, HOW? Fortunately, I have received support from so many people – emotionally, mentally, and financially. Programs such as Summer Search, Gooden College Connection, and Edfund provide me with that extra support needed to get through tough times at school. Scholarships such as the Irene Scully Foundation and the Retired Educators Fund continue to support me in my studies today, allowing me to worry less about my financial situation and more on my studies and future. Instead of having to take up more hours for work, I’m able to take up internships and do better in my classes due to more time dedicated to studying. In the beginning, I was lost and confused, but throughout the year, I was able to discover what really interested me, which in turn led me to the field that I hope to have as a career in the future — public health. Without the support of my family, friends, mentors, and of course the scholarships that I will be forever grateful for, I don’t think I could have had a better freshman year of college. I want to thank everyone who has allowed me to get this far, and who will continue to support me in my future endeavors. Thank you!

A Future Ecofriendly Veterinarian

I came into UC Davis with a fixed mind of pursuing a career in environmental science. I dislike walking through my community and seeing empty areas of soil that could be more aesthetic and beneficial for the people. I dislike visiting other communities; comparing them to Richmond and asking myself, “Why can’t Richmond be like this?” always displeased me because I could never find an answer. I envision my community a place where many people in the future refer to Richmond as an environmental friendly community rather than the violence-related community that the media has portrayed of it. I firmly believed that the only way to make Richmond a more eco friendly community was to attend a four-year university as an environmental science major. Thus, I decided to attend UC Davis as an Environmental Science and Management major in seek of finding an answer to this dilemma. One year attending UC Davis, however, has changed the way I visualize my future goal of making Richmond a more sustainable community.
Winter quarter was a period overwhelming with influential opportunities towards learning more about myself and my interests. I enrolled in an animal science class to fulfill one of my general education requirements. This course was, by far, the most challenging course I’ve enrolled in, yet it interest me the most. I loved learning about the history of companion animals and the benefits of owning one. Through the class I made a few friendships and we conversed about our future goals. I listened to their dreams of pursuing careers related to working with animals: veterinarian, animal breeder, animal nutritionist, etc. I envied them; the careers my animal science friends seek interest me. However, I want to make a positive contribution towards the sustainability of my community, so switching majors was not a choice at the moment. During a conversation with one of my friends, I learned that UC Davis has an environmental club. I decided to join the environmental club and switch majors to seek a career that fascinates me and still make a positive contribution to Richmond in the future–the best of both worlds. I thank the Scully foundation because without their support, I would not have attended UC Davis and discover my passion for animals.


Everything that I have been working for in high school has truly paid off. I survived my first full year of college. All the challenges that came along with it was of course stressful. However, it was all worth it. I learned so much about myself and the goals that I am reaching for. I finalized my major (nursing), as well as the goals that I have decided t reach for after years of gained experience, which is to continue on with road to my education. I have made the decision to go to school to become a Physician Assistant. Something that is along the line of being a doctor, but not really. Other things that I have learned are my habits, such as studying and prioritizing my time. I challenged myself taking more units that the average units needed to be considered a full-time student. Of course this entailed countless hours of studying and sometimes crying. But, I loved every moment of it and every tear, because now I can name all 12 cranial nerves, along with their function and location. Shoutout to a year of struggle and the growing that I have done!

Fruit of My Labor

It has been 4 weeks now since the first day of college! And let me say, I LOVE and enjoy every moment of it. The environment is so different from high school. College is seriously a place where you can start fresh, and truly find yourself and what you want. I was instantly molded into a responsible individual. I had to plan out my schedule and the hours I would spend outside of class: Studying, reading, and doing homework. In addition to responsibilities I have, I now am in charge of all my expenses. Books are no joke and so are the online portals I need to do quizzes and homework. Thank God for scholarships!

The campus is very different as well; the lecture halls are filled with a bunch of individuals that want a better future for themselves. Attending a community college is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I am surrounded by people that went down the wrong path, and realized that they messed up. But turned their lives around and made the decision to go back to school and pursue their dreams. That alone is a testimony that it is NEVER to late to run after that dream. Dreams do not have expiration dates, as long as there is determination it will be achieved. In addition to the students the professors are so inspiring, my sociology teacher hit me with one of the best quotes ever, “Let the world teach you HOW to think not WHAT to think.”

There is so much to college, but you learn to love it!

Pre College Jitters

When I made the decision to go to UCSB, I had doubts surrounding all around me from people who constantly told me that it was just a “party school” and that I should have chosen UC Davis. Before I submitted my SIR, I’m not going to lie, I also had some uncertainty but then I met students that actually go to UCSB; mind you that the people who have major doubts in UCSB are the people who just follow media and have little knowledge of my school. After talking to Alumni and incoming Freshmen like me, my decision became fairly easy. UCSB students LOVE their school and after my summer orientation I too LOVE my school. The environment is what I had hoped for ever since I could even think about college. The people are more friendly than any other university I visited and they’re not so competitive. So what if UCSB is a party school, it is also ranked in the top 30 public national universities in the country. Every school has their partying perks! UCSB just happens to be more open to the partying scenes than others which is okay; you can choose to join the party or you can just choose to stay at home. A UCSB student told me that the party doesn’t look for you unless you go looking for it.
I have not yet started my journey at UCSB but it is approaching much faster than I had prepared for. Leaving to live on my own is both very exciting and very nerve wrecking. I’m mostly worried about being a little far away from home but with the support of my family and friends, it makes moving away a little refreshing. I’m excited to live with two roommates who I hope will be life long friends and I’m excited to meet new people every single day. The thought of college always gave me anxiety but I know that just as long as I know what my priorities are and I learn how to manage my time, everything will be just fine. I also constantly remind myself that this 35k+ education is to absolutely not go to waste! College is like life, it’s hard but it is also rewarding in every aspect. I would like to wish good luck to all the incoming Freshmen and may you find your way to bigger and better things because with all the obstacles that are coming, I know you can overcome them all!

New School, Same Me

I am the type of person to overthink everything, but I still decided to go to a college that I had never stepped foot in and that is hours away from home. The first time I finally saw my college was during orientation. The atmosphere was different, yet a bit refreshing.

“Wow, it’s so hot here,” was my first thought that came to mind when I visited my school. As I looked around, I saw people getting together with their old high school cliques. My biggest fear at that moment was being able to make friends. The thought that I would be completely alone was making me regret my decision.

I was also nervous about being able to handle a new environment while also balancing school work and possibly a job. Whenever I felt like breaking down, I could always expect my parents to be behind me with open arms. Not only will I not have my family at my side, but I am now on my own.

Coyote First Step is a summer program where students can take Early Start Math and English before starting classes in the fall. Being part of this program and staying on campus for a month was a great way to adapt to college life before I actually start in the fall. My first week into this program was very difficult as I was trying to get used to doing things on my own and also making new friends. During my stay here, not only have I met people that live close to the school, I’ve met people from Northern California like me and others that came from San Diego. I realized then that they were probably in the same situation as me and that they came here feeling like outsiders. I felt relieved knowing that I wasn’t alone. Now that it’s my last week here, I will miss the friends I’ve made but I am also glad to return home to my family.

I am excited to make many more friends and start my classes in the fall. Although it’s strange for me to be excited about school, I am anxious to begin my career path. Even though I’ll miss my Northern California atmosphere, I am now happy to call this school my new home. One thing I can say that I’ve learned from my first college experience is that change is sometimes good and stepping out of your comfort zone can help you overcome your fears.

Proud Gator

After my first week attending SF State University, I can say that college is an amazing place! Throughout the five days that I have been a SF State Gator, I have a lot of people and have already learned a lot. The learning process in college is so much different than it was in high school. I feel that Now I am learning and going through material five times faster than I did in high school. Everyone on campus seems so social, focused, and nice. The people I have come to know on campus have all these characteristics as well. Although I live closer to school, commuting is the only thing I can say is pretty boring, however it is worth while since I know I am going somewhere I like to be. During the summer I visited SF State more than a couple times, and got the hang of navigating around in and around school. During this time I also discovered many resources that are available to me as a student. I am very confident about my four year journey so far now that I know how the environment is around me. Before school started I joined two support groups as well: EOP and Metro Academy. These two groups make sure I am on track to graduating and receiving my Bachelor’s Degree. As of now I am taking 14 units and trying to complete my General Education requirements. I am very anxious to complete these requirements so I can begin taking my Computer Science courses as the University. This is just my first week attending college and I already feel great due to all the support I have at school and from my family. I am the first of seven to go to college so I intend to achieve my set goals and make my family proud.

First week of college

I moved in on Saturday and it was so chaotic. My roommates had picked each other and had wanted a double, so I was going to be the random roommate that just ruined their plans. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get along with them. We didn’t talk much as we unpacked, since our parents were all in the room with us. I went out with my family to eat lunch and then they dropped me back at the dorms. My mom said goodbye and started crying. I made fun of her, trying to make her laugh, because I knew if she cried I would too. I really did want to, and I know that’s kinda stupid because home is only fifteen minutes away. The thing is I’ve never been alone. I always have my parents, or a friend who knows where we’re going or what we’re doing. That was the first time I would truly be alone. It was very scary, I had a mini panic attack as I headed back to my room.

My roommates were back in our room when I got there, so my panic attack ended, but I still felt like it was going to be awkward. I was going to be the third wheel, following them around because I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. We started doing small talk, and eventually they became a bit more comfortable and began acting weird. I think that when someone acts weird in front of you it’s because they like you, and are trying to be themselves around you.At first I was just following them around, but now it’s different. Even though it’s only been a week I feel we’ve already developed a friendship and will only strengthen it from here on.

My floor is the best. From the beginning there were people who were very social and friendly. I tried my hardest and was able to interact more with them. Now I feel like I can talk to most everyone on my floor.

I’m glad I lucked out with my roommates and my floor, and that I put myself in a position I would not have in high school. Trying new things in college makes a difference in how you experience it, and I’m glad to say that just within this short time period I’ve grown a lot.

First Week

So I moved into Chico last Monday on the 17th of August, because I’m in a program at Chico called TRIO (SSS). The program gave me Workshops, took me and a group students kayaking. Things like kayaking I’m not very used to because in Richmond or Bay Area we didn’t do unique activities like that or we couldn’t never afford it. Buy I’m really glad I’m getting a better view of Chico.
Chico has been quiet but also very loud too. Since Chico is much of a party school , a lot of the kids been partying before school start on Monday, I will party in the future but I want to get use to Chico, understand my priorities first. I hope I start to make closer friend and have somewhat of a social life.

I can’t wait till Monday. I start my first day of school as a Video Game Development and Animation major. I have 4 classes and a total of 14 units, one of my classes I’m getting 2 units for studying, isn’t that awesome!? Hopefully I join some clubs like Computer Game Club or CCLC, I kinda forgot what the CCLC club was or stand for, but I know it looked fun when I saw it. I want a chance to do more things and meet more people. I feel the more friends you have in school, the most likely chance it will help you in the future. I’m so nervous for Monday. I hope the workload isn’t too big. And I really don’t want loans either. College better not be this stressful. Well we won’t know until we try.


Starting college seemed to me very scary. Everyday I kept counting down how many days till the first day of class. Well actually, it wasn’t that bad. I was Slightly nervous because I feel like there would be more intelligent people than I. They all look like me, have the same goal, and we are in the same place so actually we are the same. Two days into college, turns out that now I feel like I’m on top in my english class… far! I have a Sign Lang. class and I am Loving it!!! Professor is an A’s fan! Amazing class to be in and love learning. I signed up for a Oceanography class, and is very interesting. Last class is Trig, that is the class I am really nervous about as I think it is my weak point. This whole experiences are helping me organize and plan everything. Helping me focus and make sure I do everything as it comes and not really procrastinate.