Starting college seemed to me very scary. Everyday I kept counting down how many days till the first day of class. Well actually, it wasn’t that bad. I was Slightly nervous because I feel like there would be more intelligent people than I. They all look like me, have the same goal, and we are in the same place so actually we are the same. Two days into college, turns out that now I feel like I’m on top in my english class… far! I have a Sign Lang. class and I am Loving it!!! Professor is an A’s fan! Amazing class to be in and love learning. I signed up for a Oceanography class, and is very interesting. Last class is Trig, that is the class I am really nervous about as I think it is my weak point. This whole experiences are helping me organize and plan everything. Helping me focus and make sure I do everything as it comes and not really procrastinate.

Facing College

Summer vacation is coming to an end and the first day of college is already knocking at the corner of my consciousness. With it comes a shroud of fear, dread and uncertainty that clouds my thoughts with an inescapable anxiety. Many unknowns come to mind when I picture the campus map, with all its offices and classrooms, facilities and sports fields, opportunities and distractions. To help ease my entry into the coming freshman year, I have attended several college programs in a bid to expose myself to the environment, including a summer institute and a volunteering orientation program. Yet, despite all this, I still struggle to brace myself for college’s most notorious aspect: independence. As the days count down, I began to question my very potential to be responsible, focused and determined in what many of my fellow college freshman foresee to be a very chaotic and turbulent time. The first days of the fall semester will no doubt be uncomfortable and distressing, surrounded by new students, new teachers, new learning styles, new liberties and new dangers, all of which can derail anyone from their intended academic goals.

As uncomfortable as it sounds, I still owe it to myself to rise to the occasion, strive for success and most importantly to embrace the coming future. College, no matter how frightening it may sound or even be, is just another coming of age trial on the long road of life.  As college students, what ever hand was used to lead us and guild us from our freshman orientation to senior graduation has been retracted. Teachers, counselors and especially parents can be expected to provide us with less personal attention than before.

Today, as a young adult, I am prepared to not only face my anxieties of the approaching fall semester, but also to go beyond the goals I have established, both academically and athletically. College isn’t just classes and courses but also clubs, programs, and events that really can help someone standout if they plan to transfer into the University of California system. Until then, my plan is to put my right foot forward, network with my peers, and dive into my studies with confidence and distinction.

So Far…

So far my college year has been very calm. I’m not as stressed out as many of my peers partially because of the fact that I didn’t choose many of the harder classes like chemistry, calculus or physics. I did this because I wanted to ease into the college life so I will be used to the schedules and activities before taking the more intense class. Diablo Valley College (DVC) is a nice school with a larger campus compared to other community colleges. The campus and its features make my opinion of it more positive despite it not being my first choice of college that I wanted to go to. It was hard getting accustomed to it because it was so big compared to my High school. I eventually settled in and started to make friends and participating in other activities like joining the Rotaract club. DVC offers a wide arrange of clubs like a Chinese club, several performing arts clubs and several community service clubs which help when people are trying to make new friends.

In the beginning, choosing class schedules can be hard for some students. I recommend visiting a school counselor before choosing the random classes that won’t help or classes that can make transferring even harder. Counselors can help students choose their whole schedule up to their last semester which relieves students of the stress of registering for classes. My classes so far have been pretty simple, do the work, study for the test and you would usually get an A. If you are struggling you can visit the many services which help with tutoring. Some professors may be unpredictable so use rate my professor to check them before registering. I have done most of these tips and my semester has been going fine, so far.

A Whole New World

My first few weeks of school were very intimidating. I’ve always been the tallest girl in High School and walking around Diablo Valley College made me feel so petite! Everyone is so sophisticated and smart, some may be small but the way they carried themselves made them seem tall and confident. I was both excited and fearful, what if the classes were too hard for me to handle? What if my classmates thought I was too young and didn’t treat me like an equal, but like a child? I wanted to fit in and stand out at the same time, it was exhilarating. Once I walked into my first class, Art History, I instantly saw every college movie flash before my eyes. The theater-like seating, the cinema screen and the very excited professor with coffee in her hands, was all standing at the front. I was blown away, I had never been in a setting this different and it filled me with joy and curiosity. Will this class be as interesting as the classroom looks? It indeed was.

My first impression of college life kind of scared me. There were students smoking, pregnant women, older men in freshmen classes; there was so much diversity that it’s difficult to take in all in one gasp of air. I was expecting noise, no backpacks because ‘you’re mature enough’ to carry books, relaxed students with pajamas. Instead, I was met with most girls wearing the latest clothes, heels and really cute purses. Jocks with huge backpacks, nerds with dreads, and students from every part of the world. In a way it was an older version of high school, but truly it was a whole new world, filled with mysteries and wonders, a world where everyone is on the path to finding who they are or who they will become. I’m looking forward to learning everything I can in the classes for my major, Dietetics. I want to take every class needed and apply what I’ve learned into the outside world.