Blue Tiger Pride

This first semester here at Lincoln University has been one of many learning opportunities and a quest to find myself. I already see a change from my high school years versus this first semester. The main difference is my involvement on campus. Earlier in the semester i ran fro freshman class council treasurer and i won. even though i had no opposition i still posted flyers and attempted to get my name out there. Then i applied for and internship with my schools campus activity board (CAB). Being in this program i got to be behind the scenes on what happens when putting all the school events together, man is that stressful. I also got a job in the school’s library. I am a part of my schools spirit squad and well as the student support services program at my school. With this program we do many workshops that can help us with our college transition and just recently we went on a hayride in the woods. this year has not been just a academic learning venture.
I have met a lot of incredible people here. I have friends from Colorado, Chicago, and even people from California. I attend and HBCU so i am around people who look like me and who want to do something with their lives. at times it seems that this school is a big high school, but i enjoy the small classes and one on one interactions i get with my teachers. There were some bad seeds that i mistakenly made friends and i am beginning to weed them out. I learned that perception is everything and the people that i hang out with can have a negative affect because of the way they act. I almost missed out on a wonderful opportunity because of this.
As i approach my finals i am very excited to see what is in store and i hope for the best. i am most looking forward to returning home because i really do miss my family, and this school is in a city where if you want good food or want to go to a good mall youneed a car or a cab. So i can not wait to be able to walk to Target or something.
I wish everyone luck on their finals, and i will need all the luck i can get as well.

My College Beginning

Over the summer I spent some of my time going to the library. Reading books so that I could catch up on literature for my expected vocabulary level. I wanted to actually take a college course at a community college but due to my schedule at work I did not have time. Although while working for the company I did I learned a few skills that could help me in my journey to college. Being in college they focus a lot on financial aid and how everything is weighed out dealing with budgets as well. I learned the importance of saving money and creating budgets because you start spending your money on irrelevant things instead of the important things you really need. Furthermore, I learned the most important attribute of patience. I was so used to being in a rush and when things did not happen on my time I found myself frustrated often. This is important because in college I am going to be around a great amount of individuals that do not work as I work. I am nervous about not getting my work completed or done at the last minute. During my high school career I suffered from a terrible habit of procrastination. I realize that I have to break that habit in order to be successful in my college career. I’m excited about taking all these different classes and networking with so many different people. Also, I would like to get involved with a few organizations on campus but I have to find a balance between homework, extracurricular activities and social life. One thing I need to get done before my first day is make sure that my scholarship is corrected on my account. Also, I need all my books or materials needed to be prepared for my first day.

Summer Fun

As I prepare for my first day at Lincoln University, I must reflect on my last summer before entering college. The beginning of summer I was mainly worried about how in the world I would be paying for my plane ticket to Missouri and then the further expenses. I also had to pack up my entire room. We all know parents love to give deadlines for these types of things, and I could not go anywhere until I was finished. Luckily I was given a pass because I had just started my first job. My job was gardening and I learned a lot about different plants like maintenance. I was able to do something I enjoyed while getting paid and getting a work out. But the money situation was still a problem even with my newly found job. Luckily we were able to get help from different people around my neighborhood. So from then on it was mainly preparation for this new adventure I was about to have.

I had to do all the things a normal college freshman would have to do. But unlike most of the people around me I was going far away from home to a different state. So I had to be mentally prepared for the change. I made to say thank you to those who have helped me and to say good bye to those I would miss. And for the majority of the summer I hung out with my friends because we were all going our separate ways. As I was on the plane coming here to Jefferson City, Missouri, I realized that I would not see California until December. I would not be able to go and visit my father or my friends. I would practically be on my own. However I knew that I was ready to leave and to learn something new.

There is only one thing I want to get done before my first day of school and that is to be mentally prepared to have to be independent. So here goes nothing.

Thank You Ed Fund Members