My Best College Decision

In this blog I will talk about the best decision I think I’ve made since going to college. I personally think that I have made many good decisions but one stands out from all of the others. This decision was to join the co-ed professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. Delta Sigma Pi is a fraternity that emphasizes Professionalism, Scholarship, Community and Social as its pillars for like-minded students of business administration and commerce. I was hesitant to join the fraternity and there wasn’t even a guarantee that I’d get in. The only reason I joined was because I was referred to it by a current member and I said I’d go. The recruitment events were to learn about the fraternity and also to display your personality to the chapter because they were the ones who decided who was in or out. There was a round of interviews, which I did horrible in because I didn’t have interviewing skills and I had also been sick so I had lost a great portion of my voice. There were about 50 people who came out and only 17 got in. I was lucky enough to receive a bid and start the pledge process. Pledging is the process or time which you must go through before becoming an official member. My pledge process was about two months and there were specific requirements that every pledge had to complete. We all had specific positions related to the four pillars and I was the Committee to the Vice President of Community Service. It was our job to create and come up with a community service event for the pledges. We ended up helping out the American Cancer Society run their Relay for Life Event. For this event and several others there were specific processes and requirements for how to complete an event. We had to wear professional wear once a week and we also had to get interviewed by the greater majority of the chapter to develop our interviewing skills. Those were some of the things we did and I can honestly say that this experience was a good one. I ended up meeting a range of people that I would have never met otherwise and Delta Sigma Pi brought me out of my comfort zone. I am now more business-minded and am the current Vice President of Professional Activities for my chapter, which allows me to set up professional speaking events for both the chapter and school. Joining Delta Sigma Pi has been the best decision I’ve made in college and I encourage everyone to branch out and try new things that will potentially benefit them in the future.

Second Semester

My second semester of my college career, I would say, was a lot better than my first. I was fortunately able to pick my own classes and get the classes I wanted. I also started to get more involved on campus in terms of activities and organizations. Overall, my course load for the second semester was a lot more lax than the first and at times, a lot more interesting. I was able to take an Asian American Contemporary Issues course which was great in the sense of being able to learn about a group of people in a way that I had never done before. I was also able to branch out more and met more people and like I said get involved more. I set up an intramural team of me and my friends, which allowed me to have fun and meet people. My team ended up doing well and we even won the schools’ championship. I was also able to help out and volunteer for the admissions office and help potential students who were interested in attending LMU. With the admissions office, I was able to fly out to the Bay Area and speak to graduating high school seniors who were thing about coming. That was definitely a fun experience and something I look forward to doing more in the future. I also was able to build up my network of business majors by joining the professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. This was a great experience and something that I will touch on in a future post. To conclude this post I would like to encourage any and everyone to get as involved as possible on campus without getting distracted from your studies. This will allow you to meet several people that you would have never met otherwise. College is where you make your life long friends if you go and search for them.

First Semester Stuggles

My first semester of college was probably my most difficult one so far. Since I had been a part of a bridge program 3 weeks prior to school, when the semester started I didn’t necessarily have to look for too many friends on my own, which definitely helped. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend summer orientation so I didn’t have the opportunity to pick out any of my first semester classes. This caused me to wake up at either 7 or 8 o’clock every morning, which seems fine because of how high school is but it definitely proved to be difficult. That combined with the randomness of the type of curriculum, allowed for heavy course loads with very little time to complete my work. It personally took me at least half the semester to get into a healthy rhythm of studying that allowed me to be productive and improve my grades after midterms. The freedom of college is one that I enjoyed and found out that it can also be destructive to your studies. I would go to the gym, hang out, go to parties consistently more than actually taking time out to study. I was able to realize that and layout a plan that allowed me to be successful in the end. Lastly, in terms of campus involvement, I didn’t get involved with too much except for a program called Brothers of Consciousness (BOC). This club is dedicated to improving social justice issues at LMU and the community. This was all that I got involved with and hoped to get involved with more the second semester. So to conclude, I wish I would’ve anticipated the amount of freedom I would have so I could of prepared how to handle it to be the best I could in my studies. For second semester I wanted to do a lot better and branch out of my comfort zone, socially and academically.


Sorry for the delay on the blogs, this year has been a challenging one. I’m just going to start of with a college experience that happened before college that really helped me out in the long run. I was fortunate enough to get excepted into this bridge program called The Learning Community (TLC) which is a program that brings African American students on campus early in order for them to establish a community as well as get prepared for school. For the program I had to come to school 3 weeks earlier along with 29 other students who didn’t know each other, and over the 3 weeks we were able to become very close. Throughout the program we did a number of things. First we took two classes throughout the week, to kind of show and prepare us for actual classes throughout the school year. We also went on many trips around Los Angeles that showed us many of the great local and diverse spots that are around. We did several things such as go to a James Brown dedication event, several museums, had many bonding events and more. We also stayed in the dorms which got us familiar to campus life. The TLC program allowed me and the other students to have a community to go to when school started so I didn’t necessarily have to actively seek out friends and could immediately focus on my academics. Now, since I’m apart of the TLC community, I receive a lot of benefits such as internship opportunities, invitations to events and even food for when I’m hungry. TLC has been a great experience that I am glad that I was able to participate in. I now help out the TLC program whenever I can and encourage all that can to apply.