My Improvements !

Last semester I did really well for my first semester, but there were many mistakes I made that prevented me from doing as well as I liked. This semester I learned to take care of my personal business regarding my major or financial aid etc. during the down time I had between classes. I also am taking the resources I am granted with more seriousness like EOP. I am now going to tutoring more, using the study rooms, attending the different events or sessions they have that will be useful for me in the future such as study abroad, networking etc.

I’ve also learned to balance my time and use my planner, library, and Starbucks to it’s full potential. The planner is to plan out my day and remember the important events, assignments, and responsibilities that I need to fulfill. The library is to work on my homework or study with others who are in my class to receive the best results on my assignements. Starbucks is to work on my homework as well as the library but also reenergize myself with a tea and a snack.
This semester I’ve became more independent, responsible, and determined.

First Semester Reflection

I’ve actually learned a lot in my first semester at San Diego State University. I learned to become more independent. I am used to asking the adults in my family for guidance or if I was making the right decision, but I realized it was my time to make my own mistakes and my own decisions. The things I want to accomplish this semester that I wish I would’ve did last semester, is ask for help and spend my time responsibly. Last semester I let my pride get the best of me and I didn’t ask for help when I needed it. I also didn’t put in the time to study more when I had the time to. I feel the first semester really helped me and guided me for this semester. I realize that I am the kind of person who needs to be busy all the time, or I would not know how to manage my time. This semester I am hoping to get the work-study job I want to not only provide me with money for my remaining year, but also help me balance my time. One more important thing I learned is “a closed mouth does not get fed”, it is essential to ask for anything that you need. If you do not ask whether it is a favor or question because you never know the outcome. Don’t forget to NETWORK with important people on campus like EOP counselors, professors, deans, or presidents! Join clubs, that will not only provide you with social stability, but that will also educate you and enhance your skills. Good luck everyone this semester or quarter! Remember stay true to yourself ☺

My Experience Thus Far

Hello !
I’ve been attending SDSU for 2 months now and I’m pretty surprised  by the different aspects of college.

SDSU has something happening everyday on campus, it’s never dull on campus. The different activities range from concerts, career fairs, farmers markets, karaoke, movie and trivia nights. I thought it would be an every once in a while activities but these are daily events.

I’ve learned that I am a bit of an introvert, coming from a high school of 300 people to a college of 30,000; I realize how quiet and shy I can really be.

I’ve also learned that I study better in a group, because i’m able to feed off their energy, ideas and knowledge. I may think I have everything, but in actuality, there is something I always miss and working in groups help me figure out what I’m missing.

One thing I’m struggling with is picking my major. I was very sure of my major when I went in but now I’m reconsidering. There is so much I want to do with my life and I cannot keep my mind set on one major… I guess we will see where my path takes me!

Have a great college experience everyone!