It’s almost over

My first year in college has been a great experience, I have learned so much, I have struggled but everything has been worth it. I have met wonderful professors that are very knowledgeable and helpful which is great , I hope that I continue to have amazing professor like this next year, but we can forget that the year is not over yet, FINALS! Are just around the corner. So far so good, however, I need to finish strong! This semester has been very stressful yet easier compare my last semester, I’m taking 16 units and currently have earned good grades in all my classes except for math which I have a D. But I know I can raise it, so I’m not so worried. I’m very excited and nervous, Thursday I have a state conference and I have to speak to 200 people. I hope everything goes well. Currently were are all registering for classes for the fall. New start, I’m still planning my schedule but it’s very annoying because every time I try to add a class it gets full pretty quickly since SSU is very small and they give preference to upper-classman so they are the first ones to take all the classes specially if they are still working on their GE’s, we freshman’s are sadly left with classes ether in the morning or classes on Fridays and honestly no one likes to take those classes especially getting up early and not having a long weekend. So hopefully when it comes to my turn I hope there are some classes open that I can register for.
One more thing I can forget is this summer I’m moving in with some of my friends that I met here in college, which I am very excited for. They are very nice persons who have been like sisters to me, the sad thing about it is they are older. All of my friends are juniors and seniors which means I will have to say good-bye to them pretty soon.

College Difficulties

My college freshman year is almost over and I have to admit that somehow I am still surviving all of these difficult exams and courses! At the beginning of my college life I had a very rough start. Housing problems and economic struggles, I worked 30 hours a week in order to pay for my basic necessities: rent, bills, school supplies and food. Because of my economic situation I cannot afford living on campus and in Rohnert Park rent is TOO expensive! One bedroom apartment is $1200-1400 per month. Many tears and stress that it has caused, but I think it was all worth it because I’m pursuing my dreams and besides my academic achievements I am also learning to live on my own, pay everything without anyone helping me out and that is a big step for someone so young as me. However, my spring semester I was able to pull through and manage everything, I currently work half of what I used to so I have time to complete all my work and I have time to have fun, which is very nice .

Regardless of all the difficulties I have face. I have met many wonderful people here at Sonoma, I was very afraid the first couple of weeks because everything is new and you are no familiar with anyone but though my job interacting with my college students has helped my gain many friends and other professional relationships. Yes college is VERY VERY VERY hard but it’s not the end of the world.

Something that I have learn is that, everything will be OK at the end, and if it’s no OK it is not the end!
I can say that I am ready for any challenge …

A New Beginning of my life at Sonoma State

My first week in Sonoma State University was really good but at the same time I felt that I didn’t belong to the school because it is totally different from high school. Sonoma State is enormous compared to my high school, and I got lost the first week of school. The good thing was that I arrived on time to all my classes. In my first week of school I had trouble doing my homework because the homework is harder than in high school. I wasn’t really informed about all the resources that our university offered us. This was a problem to me because the first week was hard, and I was also dealing with personal problems. 
However, being in Sonoma State was one of my best decisions that I ever had made in my life because I am the first of my family that comes from another country and made a big transition. I came without a good vocabulary to college but I feel that all my classes are making a change in my life and that every single day I learn more in each class. Some of my biggest fears about coming to college were being away from my family and friends and not being able to accomplish the expectative of my teachers due to my limited English. I am dealing with this by visiting writing center and getting help with my assignments. 

My first impression of Sonoma State is that all the students get united to work on groups so everyone will have more opportunities to understand topics that are given in class. It is completely different for what I was thinking of college. In college our classmates have an important role in our carrier because they are our resources to learn.  I was thinking that college will be easy and just had to go to the classes and do homework without having someone else by my side. Which is not what happen in college, here is where we as students we have to help each other, and if we don’t understand we have to go to the professor. 

Now that I’m here I want to work hard and finish my career. I’m looking forward to graduate, and I know that obstacles will come to my life but there will be people that are willing to help me. Being in college so far is a great experience. I believe that everything is possible if I keep my goals in my mind and working hard for them.

-Rocio, Sonoma State ’16 

First Semester at Sonoma State

Being the first in my family to attend a four year university was a challenge not only academically, but also mentally and emotionally. Something that I enjoyed about my first semester in Sonoma State University was meeting new people. I am a very outgoing and outspoken person so getting to know a lot of people was not much of a challenge. I told myself that I wanted to start fresh and hang out only with positive people. Making the decision to surround myself with optimistic people has definitely made a positive difference on my work ethic. I also really enjoy the independence that I have in college because it is a constant reminder that my parents are not always going to be by my side, and even though it sounds sad to say I take advantage of the situation and because I know that it is going benefit me in the future.

Something that I see myself doing differently this semester is getting more organized and getting my homework done as soon as I can. Socially, I plan to stay involved with the Queer Straight Alliance at the school, the TRUST fellows in San Quentin, MOSIC and all of my other extracurricular activities that I am involved in.

Finally, the advice that I would give myself back in August 2011 as I was starting school is to not worry as much because even though college is something that you can work towards, you can never get fully prepared because you cannot ready yourself for the unexpected.

– Yadira, Sonoma State ’15

New Beginnings at Sonoma State

During my high school carrier, I felt as every year got harder, I got wiser. I believe the same will be true in college. I’m also happy to say that my decision to attend Sonoma State is working out well. Some of my biggest fears about coming to college were being away form my family and friends, not being able to cope with course workload and lastly, not being able to get involved and reach out to others.

Even though it has been difficult being away from my family they have managed to come visit a couple of times and I have gone home occasionally. I have also felt pressured from my classes, but I have dealt with those by visiting my school’s writing and math tutoring centers. My friends and I are spending at least four hours a day in the library to get our homework done. In the beginning of the semester I felt as if getting involved was going to be easy, however once I began to look around at the clubs I found it a bit challenging. Here at Sonoma State there are over a hundred clubs and organizations to choose from, yet due to my homework and schedule conflicts I’ve only been able to join 3. I am part of QSA (Queer Straight Alliance), MOSAIC (Making Our Space An Inclusive Community) and TRUST (Teaching Responsibility Utilizing Sociological Training), an organization run by prisoners in San Quentin trying to make the best out of themselves. I also plan on enrolling in a dance class next semester.

Ultimately, college has been a great experience so far. I’m very happy to say that I have also been nominated to be a leader for the student body next year.

– Yadira, Sonoma State ’15