Click Here for 2019-2020 Ed Fund Arts Mini and School-wide Grant Application

About Our Grants

Since the inception of the West Contra Costa Public Education Fund, providing resources to our teachers and students in the classroom has remained a central focus of our organization. That is why we are pleased to be awarding nearly $20,000 this year in Arts & Music grants from our Brad Bradley Arts Fund.

Do you have an idea but need funding to make your dream Arts project a reality?

Mini-Grants and School-Wide Grants provide funds to teachers and schools to develop and implement meaningful projects in that support best practices in teaching, enrich the curriculum, and make learning engaging and accessible to all students through visual, performing, or digital arts.

Successful projects should aim to increase student achievement through measurable outcomes. It is our expectation to see change in classrooms and schools through our grant making program. This year’s Ed Fund Grant applications are due on September 23rd, 2019.

Grant funds are distributed through a reimbursement process and must be spent before June 30, 2020.

Grant Types
  • Mini Grants: up to $500 to support a project in one classroom
  • School-wide Grants: up to $1000 to support a project impacting multiple classrooms or the entire school
What We Look For in a Grant
  • Innovative, exciting projects with high student impact
  • Clear connection to student learning, integration with curriculum and in support of district educational goals.
  • Increased student engagement, motivation and exposure to new concepts, skills, ideas and experiences.

In response to our Funds guidelines, all projects must fall within the “Arts.”

Eligible Applicants
  • All teachers (including new teachers) and principals.
  • Parents, students or other employees working with teachers or principals can also apply.
  • We encourage non-profits working within our schools to apply for a school-wide grant.
  • Principals or teams of at least 3 teachers may apply for school-wide grants.
  • Projects that have been awarded an Ed Fund Grant for two consecutive years will not be awarded.

GRANT APPLICATION: Due Monday, September 23rd, 2019.
Grants funds will be available to all awardees by November 1, 2019 through reimbursement. All grant awardees are required to complete an online grant evaluation form by June 30, 2020.

If two teachers from a school intend to apply for the same mini-grant project, the teachers must submit one application and not request more than $500. If 3 or more teachers work together, they may submit a School-wide Grant Application for $1,000. One school may receive more than one grant, but not for replications of the same project. Requests for field trip funds must clearly indicate how the field trip is an essential and integral component of the curriculum and must show how the field trip will be woven into the curriculum. Grant funds may not be used to fund teachers’ salaries, to purchase required materials for required curriculum, or to provide food for celebrations, parties, festivals or programs. The Ed. Fund does not fund the purchase of hi-tech equipment. The Deadline to submit your application is Monday, September 23rd, 2019.