Youth Code Now

YCN was established in 2016 by a group of minority STEM professionals who live in Richmond, California as an independent 501(c)(3) Organization. They provide after-school STEM and intervention programs for under served and disadvantaged students in the community.

Prior to starting YCN, members of YCN mentored and tutored peers in college who were also under served and disadvantaged. The work with college level students helped them see the students’ academic challenges were a result of poor and inadequate preparation at an early age. With this experience, along with being minorities in the STEM field, they were determined to make a difference.As a result, YCN was created. YCN is an intervention after school program designed to strengthen students’ academic performance, provide guidance and mentorship at an early age. As founders navigating the intersectionality of being female, immigrant, and minority –they have had to forge ahead underrepresented and unaided in STEM fields. Therefore, they have the expertise and experience in helping students coming from these communities. They are keen in spotting language barriers, lack of access, and understanding of culture in underrepresented students which often go unnoticed. They have the collective social capital to make a positive impact in the lives of students in the community because they understand many of the challenges our youth face.

West County Lego Robotics

As a fiscal partner of the Ed Fund, West County LEGO Robotics, the brainchild of Peter Margolis provides students in West Contra Costa School District the opportunity to build robots, and program them to move, race and compete. Students explore concepts in STEM by building and designing a self-designed project.

West Contra Costa Unified School District

Our Mission:
We provide the highest quality education to enable all students to make positive life choices, strengthen our community, and successfully participate in a diverse and global society.
We provide excellent learning and teaching experiences; safe, student-centered learning environments; and support for all students and employees. We develop and maintain productive community partnerships and individual and collective accountability.

Equity Statement:
The belief that all students can achieve at high levels of proficiency and that the effects of institutionalized racism can be mitigated is central to how equity is viewed in West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Young Leaders Program

At Young Leaders our mission is to empower African American youth at Washington Elementary to become leaders in school and their communities and to dedicate themselves to academic success. Through tutoring, the program focuses on increasing student achievement and improving grades. The Young Leaders Program
empowers students with the skills and confidence to embody leadership qualities.

Richmond Community-owned Development Enterprise

Over the last several years, many Richmond community leaders have coalesced around a vision for community-governed and community-owned development. Initially catalyzed by the campaign to ensure that UC Berkeley’s planned Richmond campus reflects this vision, several partners continued to work in collaboration over the last year to design an organization that would be a vehicle for community-governed and owned development. The campus plans have gone dormant, but the vision, momentum, and need for a new structure for development remains.

The model initially developed was articulated in their report, “Structuring Development for Greater Community Opportunity.” Central to the approach is the creation of a Community-owned Development Enterprise (CDE) that has a community benefits mission, majority community leaders on its board, and the technical, legal, and financial capacity to design and carry out development projects. Most existing non-profit developers work on affordable housing projects, whereas ours would carry out commercial, educational, and public facilities projects. There are a few examples of entities that share attributes of the Richmond model, such as East Baltimore Development, Inc., Push Buffalo, and the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative. Creating such entities provides a way for moving money out of the extractive economy and into enterprises rooted in community needs, ecology and economic justice.

Lead 2 Play

Lead2Play was founded by Dr. George Selleck, a nationally recognized psychologist, sports education specialist, management consultant, author and Hall of Fame athlete. Three decades ago, Dr. Selleck began to observe a shift in youth sports from the unsupervised, spontaneous play of his youth to play spaces that were run by adults, not kids, and which were often focused more on winning and less on having fun, making friends, and learning new skills. This propelled him to work to improve the sports experience for thousands of youth and their families by creating and administering programs designed to enhance youth development through positive participation in sports and fitness activities.

Dr. Selleck has spent the last 30 years constructing youth play and sports programs that put youth in charge. In addition to Lead2Play, Dr. Selleck founded Sports for Life and co-founded The Promise of Good Sports. He serves as an advisor to the EduSports program in India, and was a consultant to the U.S. State Department Education & Cultural Affairs Sports Initiative. He has written nine books for parents, athletes, coaches, and officials, including his most recent volume, Changing the Game: My Journey Through Life and Sports. Dr. Selleck has won numerous awards for his work. In 2007, he was named one of the 100 Most Influential Sports Educators in America.

Just Imagine Kidz

Just Imagine KidZ is a nonprofit organization advocating teaching Black History all year to all kids.
We believe children should know their history.
We believe children should know that Black History is American history.
We provide Just Imagine Black History books for children and educators.
Our books are written to entertainand teach children about Black History.
We have companion books the accompany the Just Imagine book, intended to help children remain engaged in the Black History information they have read and to assist teachers with incorporating Black History into their curriculum.
We provide after school programs and sponsorship programs allowing individuals and companies the opportunity to purchase the books and donate them to a school or their choice.
We conduct workshops on The Importance of Teaching Black History All Year to teachers, educators and other interested participants.

Mindful Literacy

The Mindful Literacy program fosters the well-being and self-efficacy of both teachers and students by introducing them to mindfulness and self-compassion practices as well as creative writing exercises. The three Cs of the program are compassion, connection, and creativity, Mindfulness increases attention, executive function, personal well-being and compassion. Strengthening students’ awareness and empathy equips them to engage more successfully in writing tasks and collaboration with their peers.
1. Promote compassion, connection, and self-expression in the classroom 2. Offer stress management strategies for both teachers and students 3. Increase student engagement, behavior, and academic performance 4. Increase teacher retention
Strategies: To support teachers:
1.. Day-long retreat before start of school year 2. 8-week seminar after school or during collaboration time 3. Individual coaching throughout the school year
To support classrooms:
1. 8-week introductory mindfulness course 2. Mindful community building workshop every two weeks 3. Mindful writing workshop

Coach Lamb Scholarship

The Coach Edward T. Lambert (Coach Lamb) Memorial Scholarship was established in 2008 to honor the life and legacy of Coach Edward T. Lambert (Coach Lamb) who lost his battle with Lupus in September 2007. Edward spent most of his adult life coaching football at De Anza High school in Richmond and many hours mentoring student-athletes and assisting with college applications. He often said to me, “Mom, these kids just need someone who cares.” Edward became that caring adult in their lives.
Purpose: To provide scholarships to student athletes from West Contra Costa high school who have a desire to attend college and play sports. Edward believed that student athletes from inner city schools would stay in college if they had the financial resources and the opportunity to participate in the sports.

Scholarship Process: Interested students will complete and submit the application to the Coach Lamb Scholarship Committee. The committee selects the scholarship recipient using the following guidelines:
Eligibility Guidelines: Seniors from West Contra Costa Unified School District schools who will graduate in June of the present school year and plans to attend a four-year or two-year community college or trade school, who are actively involved in school sports, and who have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

To apply for this scholarship, the student must:
1. Have a minimum of 2.5 GPA in core curriculum subjects throughout 4 years of high school.
2. Demonstrate active participation in extra-curricular and community service activities.
3. Student-athlete with aspirations to play sports in college.
4. Verify financial need by completing a Financial Information Form, or copy of a completed FAFSA.
5. Provide an up-to-date High School transcript. Unofficial transcripts are accepted.
6. Provide 2 letters of recommendation.
 Letter of Recommendation from one core subject teachers.
 Letter of Recommendation from another adult who knows them well.
6. Respond to all essay questions.

Janet L. Johnson, Ed’s Mom & Scholarship Chair