Teaching Excellence Award

Teaching & Team Awards

For more than 30 years the Ed Fund has celebrated public education through our Soaring to Excellence Annual Celebration. This year we are excited to honor our 37th cohort of Teaching Excellence Award winners. We also know that the success of our students is not limited to the work of teachers inside the classroom. We are excited to expand our awards this year to include teams such as site-based teacher collaboration teams, school-based initiatives, communities of practice, or community based partnerships/organizations that have contributed to significant outcomes in four new categories: A-G Completion, EL Reclassification, African American Math Achievement, and 3rd Grade Reading.

Please nominate a teacher or a team who are doing extraordinary work in or outside the classroom today! Nominations due by Friday, January 10th.

Teacher Nomination Criteria:

To select this year’s teachers, we will focus our attention on those who have exemplified putting students at the center of the educational experience. What does Student-Centered education look like? Learning should contribute to our graduate profile and:

  • Engage ALL students through culturally responsive, relevant, real world connections to students’ lived experience.
  • Empower ALL students through opportunities for voice and choice.
  • Challenge ALL students through opportunities to ask questions, solve problems, think critically, read complex text and write critically.
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Team Criteria:

One team will be selected from each of our four focus areas (A-G Completion, EL Reclassification, African American Math Achievement, and 3rd Grade Reading). Please review Roadmap 2.0 (strategies/tactics) to inform your nomination. If available, you will be asked to provide data to support your nomination. Teams can consist of school site-based teacher teams, district led teams, nonprofits, community led efforts, etc.

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